You read many articles today regarding new innovations available for skin care improvement. Treatments peels products etc. Not only can it be overwhelming but confusing at best. However, at 68 years of age, I was in the process of seriously considering fillers or bite the bullet and do a total face lift. Anyway, you can imagine that at my mature age, I was quite a skeptic about Apiderm's RC Power Skin Tightening Treatments, especially with my "sagging jowls." WOW! noticeable improvements after my 1st treatment and major improvement after my recommended 4 treatments. My jowls not only tightened up but impressive improvement in my total face appearance. The RC treatment reduced the size of my pores, tightened my skin, and reduced the appearance of my fine lines with no down time. How great is that.
...Thank you Apiderm and your RC treatments!

I am here in Iraq and with the weather changes here going from really hot to really cold sometimes I found that Vita-silk is wonderful. This is the greatest thing ever! I use it every morning because I cleanse my face at night and use the rapid clear Neutrogena pads. I use to have acne that left marks on my skin after the bump cleared up, but with Vita-Silk it evened out my complexion. Now everyone asks if I have on makeup. I recommend this product to a lot of people at the base here, but they will never believe it until they try it for themselves. Plus I get a lot of compliments on my face smelling good. Come on, how many times has someone told you that your face smells good? I love it. You have a customer for as long as you keep making it. Which I hope is forever. Thanks again. Happy Holidays.

Shantana Davis

I believe the year was 1985. I was carpooling with an older woman, Dorothy. Her skin was badly pock marked and she was being treated by a new dermatologist in Troy. We both lived in Hartland, a good 40 miles away, however, Dorothy was so pleased with her new found dermatologist and staff that the distance was never an issue.

My curiosity was peeked! Although I wasn’t plagued with pock marks, I certainly wanted beautiful skin. I decided to see the dermatologist to find out how to properly care for my skin. It had been my experience, when inquiring at the cosmetic counters in major department stores, that every one of them boasted to have the remedies for anything that ailed my skin.

I was surprised when the dermatologist told me I had some scarring from acne as a teenager. In addition to chemical peels, the doctor recommended monthly facials. The facials were done in the office by April and were covered by my insurance. I had more than one chemical peel, kept up with my monthly facials and, gradually, my complexion improved. I was actually getting compliments!

April was very skilled and decided to branch out on her own. I continued my monthly facials, for just a few months. Even though the facials were covered by my insurance, the aesthetician who took over for April was not worth my drive time from Hartland. I found April and went back to her. I had to pay out of my own pocket but her facials were well worth the money and the drive!

In 1989 I moved to Dearborn, a good 50 mile drive and I have never missed a facial with April unless I was on vacation or in the hospital. April moved a few times but that made no difference to me, I was a loyal client. Interestingly, I moved to Troy in 2006 and she is only 15 minutes away now!

April keeps up-to-date on the latest innovations in skin care. She recently added a laser with skin tightening and vascular pigmentation features. I started treatments with April at age 35 and am now 58. The laser has become my new best friend and I have experienced positive benefits. The brown spots on the back of my hands are virtually gone. The years of sunbathing appeared in brown spots on my chest and back. After just two treatments, my chest and back look fabulous. My skin is tighter, smoother and much prettier. I often receive compliments and always respond I look fabulous thanks to April for the last 24 years of skin care expertise and care. I have also had waxing and electrolysis and am extremely pleased with the results.

April also sells high quality skin care products at half the price of major department stores, equally effective, if not superior. April’s personalized expertise is invaluable. She listens to your concerns, gently recommends products and services she knows would be of benefit to your individualized skin care needs and stands behind her products.

I highly recommend April for all your skin care needs.

Syndi Black

I am writing this letter to thank Apiderm and Penelope VanDelvelder for truly being responsible for the self esteem I have today. I visited Apiderm at a time when I thought that my excessive facial hair was something that I would have to live with the for the rest of my life. I am a 24 year old woman who has had excessive facial hair since my teenage years, yet doctors told me that my hormones were within the normal range.

For years, I waxed, tweezed, tried different removal creams, and spent a lot of time and money into electrolysis treatments. I wanted something permanent... something that I didn't have to worry about every morning when I looked in the mirror.

When I had my first consultation at Apiderm with Penelope VanDelveder, I was at the point of helplessness. Penelope talked with me extensively about my situation and offered me a solution with Laser hair removal. She told me that I would be a new person at the end of my treatments. I was pessimistic and extremely skeptical, yet I chose to try the treatment because of Penelope's compassion and sincerity. She told me that she COULD help me.

Today, a few treatments later..., I DO feel like a new person. I am no longer self conscious about wearing my hair back in a bun or a ponytail. I was shy about dating because I did not want anyone to touch my face. After my facial hair became almost minimal, I dated and I am now engaged. I am truly grateful to Penelope and Apiderm for helping me become more confident.


At the age of 15, I began to notice hair growing on my chin that I began to pluck so they would not be noticed.

As the years progressed, the hair grew back, time after time. Eventually, the hair became course and dark and I continued to pluck. At age 16, my family doctor told me never to shave, continue to pluck, (which I did every day), and eventually I would outgrow my hormonal imbalance.

By the age of 37 I had hair on my chin that resembled a beard, this was not acceptable. I had spent years wondering if anyone had ever noticed.

The teasing was finally put to an end when I had my first laser treatment at Apiderm. To date, I have had two treatments and can honestly say that this really has changed my life. I no longer sit in the mirror plucking hair for an hour every day. I gained seven extra hours per week for "me." I know longer wonder if anyone notices that my dark hair because the hair is gone!!!

I want to say thank you to all the staff at the Apiderm clinic for the excellent service and encouragement.

Thank you,
Thelma Williams

This letter is to inform you and any of your clients about the amazing effects
that the new California Peel has had on my skin

As you know, you held my hand a number of years ago, while I underwent a serious chemical peel performed by a well-known Dermatologist. It was excruciatingly painful and took weeks for my skin to return to normal. That, however, was not the worst experience I was yet to undergo.

In October of 1998, I was convinced by yet another Doctor to undergo the Laser Peel. My God, this was awful! I was under anesthesia, so the pain of the procedure was really nothing except the risk of being put under. When I awakened, my whole head was swollen from my neck into my scalp. For two days I wore gauze and a layer of plastic type skin over my face. This was unbearable! My chin and sides of my nose, under my eyes, and so on bled and I was unable to wash this off. My appointment with the doctor two days later was just the beginning of the pain. Upon my arrival, the bandages were removed along with the plastic skin protection. Immediately after, when the air hit my face, it felt like a torch. I was then asked to wash my face with a solution that I could hardly apply. My body was trembling from the stinging and pain this produced. I went home and stayed in bed for three days. I took anything that would make me tired so that the time would go by quicker. After one week my face began oozing. the oozing of my face began. It began had begun to scab over and oozed a yellow fluid that felt like honey was stuck to my face. Then came the itching, which of course I was unable to scratch. I honestly felt like I was going crazy! My eyes swelled into the corners and watered for days. I can hardly explain to anyone how horrible this experience was. I would never do this again or recommend this to anyone! The results were moderately good at best. Please feel free to show my photos to anyone interested in this.

On to the best thing that I have ever experienced! I noticed one of my best friends skin one day and couldn't believe the clarity and beauty. Her pores seemed to have disappeared, and the lines, which were minimal, anyway, seemed to be gone! Besides the fact I was shocked at how good she looked, I must tell you we were sitting in daylight! There was the real truth about what the peels had done for her. When I asked her about what she did, she told me about the California Peels and that she had four of them so far. Needless to say, I made my call for an appointment that day. Prior to the California Peels, I had not achieved this kind of result with anything else I had ever done before. I've done everything from Collagen injections to Botox, acid peels, silicone injections and so on.

I have never had the results from anything else like I have from the California Peels. To date, I've had six of these treatments. After the first treatment, my husband noticed the difference.

Usually he is very angry about these things because it is so hard on me. He was for the first time impressed. I had no down time, and every peel brought more improvement. I will not say that there is no discomfort with these peels, but after the first one it's quite comfortable. I look forward to my next six, or however many more I feel like getting.

April, please let your clients see this letter if they are hesitant and need skin improvement. I am proof that these peels have done more for me than any of those other terribly invasive procedures I have done in the past.

I absolutely love these California Peels!!!
Thanks again April,

Laurel E. Skorija

I had two tattoos on my chest removed with laser 16 years ago. The scars were much uglier than the tattoos. I had real dermabrasion twice. It required changing dressing daily.

I've had the California Peel five times so far. The results were amazing. Even my mother was impressed. I will continue to get all 12 treatments.

I am looking forward to this coming summer. I will not be shopping for a high-cut bathing suit anymore.

This treatment is easy and painless. I'm so happy with the results so far, and I cannot wait to see the final results.



I am so happy I found you and your wonderful laser center. Due to a hormone condition (Stein-Leventhal Syndrome) I have had problems with facial hair since I was a child. In my teen years the hair on my arms became very coarse and dark and I became uncomfortable wearing short sleeves. I finally began shaving my arms, but this wasn't a very good solution.

But now after just two treatments, my arms and face are wonderful, soft and hair free. I am so grateful for your expertise. I also must say that you are very professional, down to earth and put me at ease. I was never embarrassed or nervous, as I had expected I might be.

Thanks again for your wonderful laser treatment.



Dear Nell and April,

I can't thank you enough for the change you have made in my life. Prior to my laser hair removal on my legs, I would have to shave twice a day, literally, during the summer in order to have smooth skin. The problem was made even worse by ingrown hairs that would appear the more I shaved. The ingrown hairs were not only unsightly but would become infected and hurt terribly. It had been years since I felt comfortable wearing shorts (never mind a bathing suit). I am now actually looking forward to this summer - I'm going to be able to wear shorts for the first time in years and feel comfortable!

Also, I had dark pigmentation around the temples and forehead on my face. It was caused by pregnancy hormonal fluctuations and I understand, commonly called malasma. I've had the condition since my son was born seven years ago. It has gotten progressively worse. I had my first facial peel two weeks ago and can't believe my eyes! With just one peel I can barely see the darker pigmentation. I must admit I was totally surprised because previous treatments have done little or nothing to help the condition - not even Retin-A used with a bleaching cream (I was using that for years). I'm sure that with my next peel the dark pigmentation will be completely eliminated.

So thank you so much. I can't describe the boost this has given my self esteem and confidence. I would recommend you to anyone who is self-conscious about their body hair or is unhappy with their complexion. You are doing a tremendous service.


Stephanie C.


April, Nellie and the gang:

THANKS FOR SUCH A GREAT INVENTION - the laser! It's not perfect, but it has really made things a lot easier for me and it beats electrolysis hands down! I'll keep coming back to you and referring anybody that's interested for massages, facials, whatever I can think of! But that laser is making my life a little more bearable! I know you didn't invent the technology, but you bring it to me in my neighborhood and I can't thank you guys enough! Keep up the great work!

It's also cool that you're such super people and not just cold professionals. I feel better coming there because of it!

Dave M.


Dear April and Nell,

I am truly grateful to you both for changing my life!

Briefly, I had a condition called "Stein-Leventhal" syndrome which I inherited from my father. Symptoms began to manifest in eighth grade, including profuse body hair - especially on my face and neck. This continued for the next 30 years until I outgrew the hormonal imbalance - but the facial hair still had to be dealt with. I tried everything without success: shaving, tweezing, waxing, electrolysis, until I settled upon heavy makeup so I at least felt somewhat camouflaged. I never realized, until my successful treatment with the EpiLaser at Apiderm, the heavy burden I carried around all those years - feeling unattractive, like a little mouse.

My family and friends can't believe how fabulous my skin looks after my treatments. I recommend Apiderm to everyone and am so happy that a successful treatment finally has arrived!


A. E. D.


Dear April,

It's been ten years now that I have entrusted my skin care needs to you. Before coming to you, I had oily skin with clogged pores and acne scars from my adolescence. I have tried other salons in the past but no longer.

April, your facials are simply the best in town. It is a relief to know that I can trust your recommendations for products for my skin type and I just love the Apiderm line of products. I know that I can count on you to keep me informed of the latest in skin care and can't wait to try them, such as the new BetaEx facial peel. I absolutely, positively believe that this peel has taken years off from my skin! So when people complement me on my skin, and they do, I don't hesitate to say that I owe it all to Apiderm and April!!

But now I'm raving to all my friends about the new Laser hair-removal process!

I am very active with my career, attend classes at WSU in the evenings and still maintain a workout schedule for five days a week. I don't have time for a high maintenance beauty regime. So the laser hair removal was just what I was looking for. It's great to be free from the razor!

Thanks for everything April.

J. W.
Lakeville, Michigan