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You need to know that all lasers are not created equal. Only a hand full of the dozen or more lasers on the market can claim permanent hair reduction. Some so-called lasers aren't really a laser. They are nothing more than a flash lamp that can only stunt or slow down hair growth for a few months at best. Don't spend hundreds of dollars on this flawed procedure when you can save your money and get similar results from a less costly waxing procedure.

Sure, there are some places that claim they can laser a back for as little as $199.00 or upper thighs for $250.00 or less. This sounds great but they also claim the treatment takes about an hour. Our training and experience have taught us differently! To get the best results, you must do a thorough job. An average-sized man's back should take between two and three hours while a woman's thighs should take between three and four hours. Sure, others may charge less but they work too quickly and end up missing spots. Ultimately this wastes your time and money. Remember, you really do get what you pay for.

Some places even offer guarantees. This is nearly impossible to offer since there has yet to be a laser produced that can claim 100% percent permanent results. If any center makes this claim, be careful, as they are most likely stretching the truth. To achieve the best results you may need to combine electrolysis with your laser treatments. Periodic touch-ups might also be necessary. Keep in mind that pregnancy, hormone levels and endocrine imbalances, in addition to certain medications, have the possibility of causing hair to reappear on previously treated areas.

Another trap to avoid is being told that you are a "perfect laser candidate" when in reality, you might not be. Are you aware that only certain hair colors and skin tones are candidates for laser treatments? While keeping this in mind, please note that many facilities claim that they can treat "any" skin tone. Are you aware that having a tan before, or during your laser treatments can affect your results and possibly even ruin your skin?

Many facilities will treat you like a number and tell you anything just to take your money. At Apiderm we will treat you differently. We will be honest with you, and we will treat you with care and respect. To us, our reputation matters just as much as the results of your treatment. We are Laser Treatment experts, and we're the first in Michigan to own the Light Sheer Diode. We've trained most of our competition in Michigan and parts of Ohio. We have been responsible for training nurses, electrologists, physicians, and their staff members. But not all of our laser students have practiced what we have taught them.

Please schedule an appointment or stop by Apiderm today and find out if laser hair removal is right for you. We treat men, women, children, and trans gender clients. We offer a clean, friendly, professional and safe environment. We will answer all of your questions during your free consultation. Call today to schedule your appointment.